Learn to speak Mandarin- 3 rules in Hong Kong

Learn to speak Mandarin- 3 rules in Hong Kong

Are you wondering whether you should study Mandarin or not? Well, while you are still making that decision, there a few things you should know about Mandarin. Mandarin has a unique place in the story of the world’s languages and cannot be judged by ordinary standards. It is like a powerful young man exploring the depths of the continents. It has spread widely all over the seven continents and is now among one of the most spoken languages in the world. Here are three basic rules that you master when you are learning Mandarin:

Rule number 1: Set your limits

Choosing to learn Mandarin is one of the best decisions anyone can ever make. It is one of the few choices that people make. However, it is of paramount importance to know that you cannot learn Mandarin in a blink of an eye. You can only bite what your mouth is able to chew and that means you can only learn as more words as your mind can take it. Mandarin constitutes millions of characters and to master them all is a challenge for every learner. You should not let the quantity of the characters distract you from achieving your goal and that is to learn Mandarin.read more information on the benefits of learning Mandarin by visiting http://www.bu.edu/mlcl/home/why-study-chinese/

You should know when to start and when to stop. Slow and steady wins the race! You can study only a few characters at a time and even if it takes you ages, learning each character one at a time increases your fluency. You should stick to those limits in order to ensure that you do not practice too much and end up confusing yourself.

Learn to speak Mandarin- 3 rules in Hong Kong

Rule number 2: Engage with other Mandarin learners

Becoming language friends with other Mandarin learners in a Mandarin class enables you to perfect both your verbal and written skills. Conversing with them in Mandarin and engaging through group discussions are your best chances to perfect your learning. You also need to consider the non – English learners who will restrict you to speaking in Mandarin. This will enable you to perfect your speech and improve fluency.read more information and benefits of Mandarin learning in a class by clicking here

Rule number 3: Adopt the best method of learning

There are so many available methods of learning Mandarin. Trying all the options available ensures that you have adopted a method that suits you best. There are all kinds of learners, some are slow and some are fast. You can only know where you lie by trying all the methods in order to identify which one works best for you. Some people succeed by listening to other people speak; some succeed by reading books while others need countless practice. Whichever way, do not copy anyone’s way of learning. Keep in mind that a Mandarin lesson can turn out to be very difficult if you choose a method that does not work for you.

Aside from the rules that I have discussed above, using the right technical tools will enhance your study of Mandarin. These tools include tests, online forums and dictionaries. A mobile phone is the best place to start from! You can download numerous applications and even change your settings into Mandarin language. Above all, no matter how hard it gets, do not give up.

Good results take time to be achieved. So are the rewards you will get when you graduate from a Mandarin school!

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